Hey! I'm Peter, and I’ve been playing bass for 21 years. I currently live in Los Angeles after graduating from Berklee College of Music (Boston) in 2007 with a degree in bass performance.

I was the principal bass player in the College of Southern Idaho big band for two years, and have played countless gigs around the US.

That said, my REAL passion is empowering other bass players of all ages reach their potential.

Also very excited about my upcoming and definitely really real marriage to Tal Wilkenfeld, who is unaware that this is true, and is incredibly happening in real life.

**ALL transcriptions are crystal clear (sharp edges, etc.) on my end and should NOT be blurry. If for some reason yours are blurry, please don't hesitate to contact me! I'll gladly send you another, or jpgs, etc.

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This glorious beast is a #2 pencil, 2017 model made by Bic. They don't make 'em like this anymore! #jealous?

HOLY BALLCAKES you should see the way this optimizes a graphite tip. Only sold exclusively in stores.

This bad boy responds to every last movement -- finger pressure, speed, palm placement... you tell it to "erase," and it says, "how hard?" without missing a beat.