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October 10, 2016

The much-loved Paul Chambers bass line with Miles Davis in 1956 (released in '61) on the title track Someday My Prince Will Come has been updated!

In addition to added chord symbols, bar lines, fixed margins, and better measure spacing, I heard a few errors in my origin...

October 3, 2016

Chuck Norris doesn't transcribe bass lines. He roundhouse kicks mp3s, then sheet music surrenders itself to him.

This includes Percy Heath's wonderful bass line from the 1957 track Oleo with Sonny Rollins and Miles Davis.

It's been updated with chord symbols, double bar...

September 26, 2016

Paul Chambers bass line to So What has been updated!

It's the full bass transcription off the 1959 album Kind of Blue with Miles Davis.

The biggest update is added chord symbols to help keep your place in the song more easily. Some tweaks with measure spacing should help...

September 19, 2016

A bass teacher named Daniel based in NYC recently sent me a thoughtful message. He asked about chord symbols in the transcriptions on thebasscase.

I'm excited to begin offering this with Paul Chambers glorious bass line on Blue Train. Chord symbols are available, m...

August 15, 2016

A few weeks ago I had the fun pleasure of speaking at the Idaho Bandmaster's Conference, thanks to Conference Organizer & Amazing Person Christy Taylor.

The conference brought middle and high school teachers from all over Idaho to the College of Southern Idaho for three...

July 25, 2016

YES! This is the Ray Brown I love.

Years before James Jamerson who, as one man puts it, was the "Schoenberg" of simple chord changes, there was Ray Brown.

(Btw, check out Jamerson's bass line on "I Was Made to Love Her" set to motion graphics at crazy coo...

July 11, 2016

When I recently came across this beautiful piece off the 2014 album "The Art of Conversation" featuring duo Dave Holland and pianist Kenny Barron, I was all over it.

Holland composed The Oracle, a 12-bar melody plus a vamp on Dm7sus4. Listening to some different recordi...

June 27, 2016

There's a reason he's gotten at least 9 honorary doctorates.

For people interested in learning how to play walking bass lines, it's hard to find something NOT to like about Milt Hinton's bass line on Vibraphone Blues.

It hits my ears as greatly "balanced", that is to say...

June 20, 2016


Can we all just take a moment to be thankful?


Detroit-raised Paul Chambers started on tuba. 


For my money, "enjoyment" and "educational" form the perfect intersection at Paul Chambers.


Chambers' bass line on the 1956 recording of "If I Were A Bell" with the Miles Dav...

June 13, 2016

I've received a significant number of requests for the classic Pink Floyd "Money" bass line,so I'm excited to offer it!

There were some things I knew already before transcribing... like after hearing only a bar or two, Roger Waters' iconic bass line sticks in your head...

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