Bass Solo Transcription: George Duvivier - “C’mon In”

This free bass transcription is a George Duvivier solo on Coleman Hawkins’ 1959 “Hawk Eyes” album, on the song “C’mon In.”

What struck me immediately about this solo is Duvivier’s time feel.

He'll pull VERY far back behind the beat, which is common in a slower song, but he does it so tastefully. He often does this pull-back when ending a phrase, like in measures 5, 9, etc.

Also, he often goes back and forth between straight and swung eighth notes, creating some unique, memorable moments.

He ends the solo using a rhythmic motif that’s different than anything he’s played prior, as if to say, “HEY, I’m ending now!”, descending to the low register of the bass, and being confident and clear about his end point. A great lesson!

It's play-along friendly, and a lot of fun to play along with the album. Great sight reading practice too. Especially those scary ledger lines in measures 12-14 ;). You can find the song on Spotify… happy playing!

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