Bass Transcription: Israel Crosby - "But Not For Me"

This week’s bass transcription is the great Israel Crosby playing with Ahmad Jamal in 1958 at the Pershing Club in Chicago.

It strikes me as highly compositional: the repeating line in mm 3-4 & 7-8 &18-19, the hits with the piano in mm 25-26, and certainly the entire ending all seem rehearsed. I love it! How interesting to hear the bass have such an active voice in the music way back in 1958: when Jaco was only 6 and a half, for reference!

The arrangement features the bass voice rather than merely including it, which, in my view, shows the generosity and appreciation of Jamal on piano and Vernell Fournier on drums.

Then, when it’s time for Crosby to accompany, he does so generously in return, without getting in the way, and playing a supportive roll 100%.

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