Bass Transcription: Terrance Palmer - "Turn It Around" (Israel Houghton)

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

I attended a master class by Israel Houghton maybe 10 years ago. He told a fascinating story from his early days leading worship at his church. He explained how he reached a point where a handful of producers began to take notice of his abilities. But they didn't know what to do with his music because it didn't fit neatly in one particular genre.

So they suggested he narrow his focus to one genre. Going against this, Houghton explained that he did not narrow his focus, but instead chose to do what came naturally (maybe uniquely?) to him and continued integrating various styles together.

Sure enough, when you listen to his compositions, you hear the brilliance of the way he and the band move between rock, reggae, Caribbean, traditional gospel, and many other styles even within the same album.

This genre-bending makes for some excellent musical opportunities for the bass player... and what can I say… I obviously love Terrance’s playing. I especially love it alongside Chris Coleman on drums, an unbelievable horn section, and Israel's lead.

Once again, if you're like me and this type of music isn’t your thing, hopefully the skill and talent will still prove beneficial.

This is from Israel Houghton’s “Live in South Africa” album.

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