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HOLY MOSES thebasscase is back.

Oh my effing cheese and rice batman, THEBASSCASE IS BACK! And with a smattering of endorsements from the biggest names in the bass world!

I can't believe Paul Chambers and Ray Brown stopped by.

After what became a 3 year hiatus, I'm excited to get back into bass transcriptions.

So where the pluck WAS I?!

Welllll you know how it is... a career change here... a divorce there..... and my new dog George!!!

But I'm eager to get behind the pencil and paper again, including another full length Paul Chambers bass line coming out tomorrow.

Check out some transcriptions, definitely buy all of my books which are like 60-something% cheaper from the old site, and enjoy the fact that with her upcoming Canada tour, Tal Wilkenfeld and I are one step closer to going out, in that we will be only several hundred miles apart.

#basslines #basstranscriptions #freebasstranscriptions

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