Bass Transcription: Roger Waters - "Money"

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

I've received a significant number of requests for the classic Pink Floyd "Money" bass line, so I'm excited to offer it!

There were some things I knew already before transcribing... like after hearing only a bar or two, Roger Waters' iconic bass line sticks in your head THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

But it's interesting what you notice when you move from listening for enjoyment, to listening critically, (important note: don't forget how to listen for enjoyment!! hehe) and I didn't expect how educational it would be. There's a lot to learn when listening to each musician individually and the way each contributes to the overall shuffle groove.

Guitarist David Gilmour's grace notes add a tremendous amount of personality to the main lines, though Jesse Gress at has gone into great depth and articulation on this already (very cool article!), so I'll stick to the bass.

The key challenge with playing/replicating Pink Floyd's "Money" bass line from beginning to end probably isn't technical... it's staying solid. That is: Confident notes, consistent rhythms from section to section, and doing it in one take at studio quality.

Happy playing!

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