Free Walking Bass Lines Lessons

A few weeks ago I had the fun pleasure of speaking at the Idaho Bandmaster's Conference, thanks to Conference Organizer & Amazing Person Christy Taylor.

The conference brought middle and high school teachers from all over Idaho to the College of Southern Idaho for three days of seminars and workshops.

Everyone brought their knowledge and excitement together for the upcoming school year. I had a blast meeting so many thoughtful, hardworking (and underpaid!) teachers who are eager to empower their students to succeed!

Afterwards I chatted with some folks wondering about resources for the student bass players in their classrooms.

So I've added a Student Resources section to, beginning with Walking Bass Line how-to lessons.

The end goal is to have a free beginning-to-end guide explaining how to play walking bass lines.

Lesson 1 is posted now with a basic overview of walking bass lines in (hopefully) plain, straight-forward language.

*Note: my Winner ribbon pictured above is super bogus. Christy gave me that because I'm awesome, not because I actually won anything, hehe.

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