NEW TRANSCRIPTION: Paul Chambers - Red Pepper Blues

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Chambers madness continues! This transcription is Paul Chambers full walking line and solo from "Red Pepper Blues", from the 1957 Art Pepper album, ever-so-appropriately named, Art Pepper Meets the Rhythm Section.

So much to excite the ears in this walking bass line!

  • There's the classic Chambers linear lines, e.g. mm 15-16

  • Motifs errrwhere. The C-C#-D-Db line in m24 repeats at the end of EVERY chorus, except for the one leading into his solo

  • Another motif starts in m37 to begin a chorus: C-Db(!)-A-Ab. We hear this twice more later on.

  • Don't even get me started on the motifs in the solo. The slur on the very first note... the dotted quarter to eighth rhythm... the phrasing...!!!

  • The beautiful sense of time. One take-away for me here is, in addition to even spacing of each note's attack, I believe *confident articulation* contributes to his effective time. That is to say, there's little or no sliding after a note is fretted, and all notes are held for a long duration... no staccato here.

*Full disclosure: the solo is bowed, however, I did not write bow markings, as most of thebasscase readers are electric players. Wanting to keep it electric-friendly,

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